horst-decker.de , assistant for writing lyrics (cr. program & idea Horst Decker)

The rhyming assistent makes it easy writing of poems and song lyrics. But nevertheless, it needs your talent and creativity. The assistant will not write the lyrics, but will help you finding the right words. The result will always be your creative artwork and represent your style. The assistant will give you suggestions, but the decission will always be up to you!
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with a mouseclick you will transfer
the contents of the line into the rhymfinder
with a mouseclick you will transfer the contents
of rhymefinder field to the version's field
with a mouseclick you will
delete the contents of the rhymefinder!
you can only uploade poems in the .txt formate.
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This program was developed for professional writing of poems and song lyrics. So it offers many ways of use, I suggest the following:

1) You can develope simultaneos up to 5 + 1 variants of your text in the version-field (right-top), save them and print them out. But version 6 can only called back, if you delete another version before! But the last deleted version can be called back as well.

2.) To start, I suggest following:
Enter what ever you have in the version's field and transfer it with the top left button underneeth the field into the rhymes finder. Buttons will apeare right to your text. Moving the mouse pointer over the first will show possible rhymes, the second synonyms and with the 3rd you can change the text by using the entering line underneath the field. But you can also transfer the text back into the versions field. If you do not want to overwrite the old version, you can secure it as seperate version with safe button underneath before. I prefer, to move the text permanently between rhymes finder and version's field. If you click on the rhymes or synonyms button, a permanent window will stay on the left, enabling to try different words in your text in the version's field.

3.) Clicking on the synonym's button shows sensible words. If you move the mouse-ponter on the front of the synonym, the German translation will be shown. The end of the word will show fitting rhymes.

4.) There are 2 ways, to change the verses in the rhymes finder. You can correct the text in the version's field and transfer it in the rhyme finder, where it overwrights the present text, or you can use the entering field underneath the rhymefinder for adding a new line or correct an exisisting line.

5.) If you transfer the text of the rhymefinder (back) into the version's field. It will be saft as new version automaticly. Please mind, if you did not SAFE the existing text in the version's field before, it is lost.

6.) You can uploade texts from your computer into the rhymes-field. It must be in txt formate. If there are programming tags in it such as brackets and semicolon, they will be automaticly removed. It is also possible, to download your text to you computer or print it out.

7.) If you have more than 5 versions and can not decide to delete one of them, you can transfer one of them into the note-field, before deleting. You can also place ideas and other notes in this field. Texts can only be re-transferred into the version's field with the drag and drop function of your computer.

8.) Texts in the rhymes-finder and the version's field can not be longer that 24 lines.

9.) Underneath the version's field is a search field, in which you can enter words independend from your existing text and look for rhymes and synonyms. This makes sence, if you do not find a result for a declined word and want to try the basic form of the word.

here you find the explanation of all functions here.

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